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by KlipKlap was founded in 2011 with a vision to design furniture and home accessories with a high functional versatility in durable materials and a stylish appeal.

It all began with the KK 3 Fold mattress which originated from, founder of by KlipKlap, Pia Lauritsen’s own personal need for a plat mat to use with her children. The final product turned out to accommodate many more functions than initially intended. The folding mattress became not only a playing mat that stimulate and develop children’s motor skills, but also a piece of lounge furniture or a bed for sleepover guests. This was the first step on by KlipKlap’s multifunctional journey.

In 2015, by KlipKlap launched the KK Daybed. Extending the assortment with a Living Collection, containing designs in more exclusive materials but still with a focus on products that fulfills multiple interior purposes.