La Petite Alice

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La Petite Alice

2015 September 14, on Monday, sunny like no other, for the first time our family embraced a baby girl Alice. The name she got destined the discovery of this world to be an adventurous one.
Time flew, Alice was growing up fast and despite all the parenthood joys and magical moments I was constantly in search of baby clothing that would last the adventure, yet be gentle, organic, and still beautiful…
This is how another adventure called La Petite Alice began!

Now, many years later, with a growing team and welcoming the baby sister Lucy to our family, we continue to create clothing and accessories that would meet the whole families’ needs all year round. And the magical journey of La Petite Alice carries on…



Even before the start of La Petite Alice, we have held the most sincere and genuine desire to grow in harmony with the rhythms of nature. In this fast-paced, constantly growing and rapidly decaying world, this means slowing down and taking the time to look at our choices, asking “what are their consequences and global impact on my socio-economic environment and our eco-systems?”. We do not have a “planet B”, so this question becomes crucial if we want to preserve our Earth’s survival and wellbeing for future generations.


We do not create stock. No stock means minimized overproduction, reduced waste and no stock destruction at any cost. Items are produced only after they have been ordered, this way meeting the customer’s true need.


Our approach to design and production increases the clothing lifecycle. The timeless designs and high quality of the fabrics and sewing technologies used ensure that our items will last a very long time.


Our products are made from local (Lithuanian) linen. And every step of creating them: from design to production and sales, takes place entirely in our studio, in Vilnius, Lithuania. Locally-sourced materials and local production reduce the carbon footprint of our clothes, thus reducing their impact on the environment.